About Sherri

Thank you for visiting my website! It’s chock-full of helpful info, whether you’re selling your house, or buying a property.

Folks have asked me how I got into real estate. It’s kind of a funny story. I do come from a real estate family. My maternal uncles, Fred and Cliff Gurnsey, ran Gurnsey Real Estate for decades, but – being their niece, I wasn’t privy to the ins and outs of their daily business. It wasn’t until I was an advertising representative with Metroland Media, and helped realtors with their print and digital advertising, that I got the real estate bug. In fact, many of my ad clients then are my Sutton colleagues now!

Yes, I have worked for some diverse and wonderful companies, since graduating in 1990 from York University with a Bachelor of Arts degree with English as my major, and/or Loyalist College in 2000 with an Advertising Diploma: Procter & Gamble (Canadian head office), as a Customer Service Representative; Graphic Controls Canada (Canadian head office), as a Customer Relations Representative; S.L. Feldman & Associates Ltd. (Toronto branch of a respected, large Canadian music booking agency), as an Agent Assistant. However, as diverse as these roles were, there is a common thread of helping folks get what they need!

I love helping clients move on with their lives. I look forward to helping you, too. Call or text me at 613-331-1181, or email me at spaterson@sutton.com, and let’s chat about your residential real estate needs.

And remember…please adopt, don’t shop. Some of the best love you’ll ever experience is an animal adoption away. You’ll be saving a life, and sculpting a beautiful new life for your furry, feathered, or scaly new pal!

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